Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Meanest Proton Perdana in Malaysia

In the world of VIP styling, not only International manufactured cars only can be a VIP baller. Seriously this is the first Proton Perdana into VIP styling so far I’ve seen in Malaysia. Thumbs up for Fusa(JP) from Johor Bahru. He had use a lot of effort to get the best stance and fitment and now, finally he has already achieved the VIP status… Congrats to you bro!!!

From a stock ride to a vip styled bad ass ride..

rolling on 20" Spirit Vientray

wondering how could he drive with that height?
here's the answer...

using air suspension from japan

The moment of measuring the ride height...
Side view of one side with air sus with full slam, another still with Tein adjustable.

The front was ok just too low, cover up to rim lip is good enough, if not looks like a bit DUB... so in front make a bit higher...

But there is one problem occur when the rear slams down...due to his oversized rims... The original bumper mounting body sit on top of its tyre and the bumper bracket will hit its tyre & rim...so have to do some mods inside including cutting and shift the bumper bracket...

Front with full slam

Rear with full slam but over low, after this adjust a bit higher again

Overall slam view

Can you see some CAMBERED effect?
The front & the rear wheel auto cambered when full slam


west said...

this car is in Johor.. there's a club but i'm not sure what name is it

ANGEL_LINA said...

wow !

cacatkia™ said...

They are the most active one in Johor. they are from VIP Concept Club. can try visit them at www.vipconceptclub.com/forum