Monday, November 10, 2008



I smile, I can't stop thinking of you.

What is this that I feel?

It's powerful,

Is it real?

This hold that you have on me,

although... I don't mind.

It's new.

Where did you come from?

I think of being with you,

mind, body, soul.

Especially body.


"You're one in a million",

"I worry about falling hard for you"

I must protect my heart.

Or rather, this has suddenly gotten old.

Your face, your presence.


Hmmm, the feelings have gone.

And now, so must I.


cync said...

Yeah,fear of being hurt is what keeps people from loving whole-heartedly. Do hope that lucky one knows how deep ur feeling for her is. Cheers pal =)

ANGEL_LINA said...

Infatuation... yes - I felt that before

Time healed me

cacatkia™ said...

thats what i need...time...