Friday, December 19, 2008

Past is Past

There's a saying "Past is Past" In which most people would say if there's a memory that must be forgotten and would somehow start a new. But if that particular memory is just a life changing, one it can't just be forgotten in a flash.

I've had regrets in my past for not doing this or I should have done this and that. Then this would have never occurred to me in the present times. Whenever I had time for myself to reflect on, its like I'm just staring at one point as if I'm spaced out and just suddenly memories just flashes back whether it was good or bad. When bad memories occurs I usually ended up shaking my head sideways, it's like I'm saying to myself "get out of my mind", "leave me alone" and "I don't want to remember this anymore". Sometimes spacing out makes my mind filled with imagination daydreaming and wondering with the "what if" question on my head and would start imagining some events then suddenly a snap back to reality.

"Past is Past" easier said than done. No matter how hard I try to forget an event, it would just automatically come back to me when something reminds me of it. I'm just so amaze with our minds, we may have the feeling of that we already forgot something, it could be from childhood days or simply time just let us forget it, but everything is in our minds that we just never thought of.

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