Saturday, December 27, 2008

Extreme International Autoshow ( 26/12/08 )

The second day of the autoshow.
Thanks for the pics from our Paparazzi Mishiyan and Black Phantom Bandrew.

The throphies...

James Lim's VIP styled Toyota Crown

Googookid's VIP styled Toyota Wish

VIP styled Nissan Murano
Bandrew's VIP styled Toyota Harrier

VIP styled Mercedes CLK

Bitrade's VIP styled Nissan A32

Ledzbling's VIP styled Proton Wira Aeroback

Ong Teck Wei's VIP styled Nissan A32

VIP styled Toyota Alphard

VIP styled Toyota Estima

Definitely can't missed out some of the model's there...

Googookid naughty pose with da G-string.. LOLLedz busying playing PSP.. confirm is FIFA 2008 ! ! hehe..
Some pics of the members....

Do you believe this is a Perodua Myvi?
Yes it is... Damn extreme modification dude!!
some videos to share here......


cync said...

walao sibeh low.. kissing the ground liao!

cacatkia™ said...

they're using air thats why!!

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