Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dzeus Fan Signs

It's now the end of the year, school holidays, Christmas, New Year...definitely the month worth celebrating and have fun for so Googookid started something in the forum to show our love to Dzeus by posting up our very unique FAN SIGNS there. Be it Big or small, colourful or non, on a piece of paper or any part of your body, photoshop, just say out loud that you guys LOVE Dzeus!!! Well these are some members who post their very own FAN SIGNS. I think some members haven't know this thread yet. It's really fun sometimes they will think of something to express how loyal are you to the club. Lets see the pictures below....

Daring Googookid show his face with his FAN SIGN..
Emi from Chiba, Japan. She is our only japanese girl member.
Seriously, she is really damn KAWAII ! ! !
One of the supporter and friends of Dzeus, Ms Nicole Yong..
This is from our Tok Kok King, HawkerJack..
I gotta admit that he's really hilarious all the time.. haha!!

Austin Mini from Mishiyan...

This dog is really cute.. from Kenzzz

Fan Signs from Andrian.. the chicks not bad ya..

Where's my Fan Sign?

hehehehe... my Fan Sign not bad right?
At least Googookid keep staring it for awhile..
(if you're reading this don't ban me yeah) kekekeke!!!!

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