Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off day also busy...

Today seems like a full schedule for me. Lots of stuff to do and I'm a little bit tired now. This morning I bring her to eat breakfast at Yakin Cafe and then send her to her workplace. Actually my mom called me to go to the dentist but I'm quite lazy so i didn't go there. Started to make pau after i sent her to work. Luckily i got some help from my worker, guess thats worth to have a worker sometimes..

started to divided the dough first..

laziest part..making the leaves

ready to be steamed..

need to colour it after steamed...

finished sprayed the colour..

Oh Yes! I'm free to go home now!

when i went back home, i meet my 3rd sis 2nd son..
he's cute isn't he but he was so damn naughty!!
and the 3rd sis only daughter...
then i went to Sobo's shop to add this chrome lining to the VIP table..
now it looks more luxury feel!!

Finally, I've installed the Yuga on my ride!!

damn bright when it was at night!!

and finally my grill has completed!
Thanks to Sobo for his work!


Anonymous said...

wahlau oso have table and chandelier ka...very luxurius our car. i rent if im gonna get married in the future. no need to find limo. Sweet ride tho.

cacatkia™ said...

thats a VIP table.. wait u get married and find me that time...hehe