Thursday, October 2, 2008

good business today..

Today’s business was far better than yesterday. Yesterday was hell so quiet, not much customer at all. Raya bah. What can do? I left a lot of buns yesterday and gave some of it to my buddies, worker and send it to the orphanage. Yeah, I sometime got donate some buns to the orphanage and I heard that they were so happy to receive it. Feel so glad to be a good Samaritan but actually I’m not that good cause my mom send it there not me..hehe~

Yesterday my 7th sis come back to Miri from Bintulu and asked my mom and me to join them for a dinner together with her husband’s brother and uncle. I was happy to hear that my sis was helping at her husband’s family business. Better than staying at home doing nothing mah..
After dinner, I went back home and waited my buddies to pick me up to go yumcha together at Hot Spot. She also got joined me together too and we’ve chatted for a long time. I was thinking “Wow! I haven’t got a long conversation with her that long since a long time ago.” Well, for one of my buddy who didn’t make it to last night yum cha,will get one of my MMS specially made from me..kekekeke~
She scolded me for wasting the ketchup to write this word..hahaha!!
LOL!! i think I'm addicted to blogging now even I'm working at my shop now..haha~ My 4th sis now at Brunei for a holiday and she'll be back on Sunday. That means i can online for the whole day at my shop here..kick!!


dasolve said...

nowonder i left no pao left to eat :(

smallee said...

Cacatkia..there is a Brilliant Weblog award waiting for you to claim.. check out my blog pls...

cacatkia™ said...

dasolve : got u also no eat la

smallee: wow! thanks a lot for the award..