Friday, October 17, 2008

Mp3 stuff from china..

My 4th sis show me her new Mp3 player that she bought from China. She told me to help ask if anyone interested, she would bring more to Miri and sell it.I'm just curious to know if there's anyone interested on this thing or not.
It got three kinds of colour that you can choose.
This one is blue, got red and black also..

It costs 100bucks include postage fee. All the pics showed above are the things that was included, USB cable, remote control and the lighter socket that u can put it in your car.

Well, how to use it? Just set the same FM from your CD player with the Mp3 player and it would automatic played in your car. You can download any songs to the Mp3 player by using the USB cable. The memory size was 1GB so you no need to worry about how many songs that can be stored. So do you think i should post this on Mcnet forum?

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