Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tagged by Alom..

1 Who were your seatmates?
i always changed seats wan wor..how?

2 Still remember your English teacher?
I never bothered to know her/his name..lol

3 What was your class name?
Casino class

4 Who was your first love then?
I don't quite remember coz it would be a list of it..hehe

5 Made friends to the lower years?
Till now still were my best buddy dude..

6 Bullying?
hahaha.. sure lots of it. even after school wanna whack them too..pengawas somemore..lol

7 How was your table arrangement in class?
like all the other class lah..

8 Made any enemies?
only those who jealous about me and fight before..

9 What games did you play?
I'm starcraft n cs kaki..

10 Did you buy your lunch?
i gave RM1 to malay and tell them to help me buy lunch so i don't need to queue mah..hehe

11 Were you a party animal?
more than that i guess, even gambling at class when the teacher was teaching..lol

12 Were you well known in your school?
haha.. i think so coz owes get caught by teacher..

definitely got.. skip classes to go home early or gambling at the school corridor.

14 Did you get suspended/expelled?
Yeah.. coz i scold the teacher bad words in front of the students for changing my seats..

15 Can you sing the School song?
i never sing before wor..how?

16 What was your favorite subject?
Science coz i dont always go to makmal, escape all the times..hehe

17 What was your school's full name?
Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan Dato Permaisuri

18 Who is your favourite teacher?
I think Lau Ling.. till now still got pay her a visit every chinese new year.

19 Where did you go most often during breaks?
hanging out with my friends a looking at the girls passing by..wakakaka

20 If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?
i think i'll be more worst than before..hahaha

21 What do you remember most about 5th year?
Money,clubbing, chicks and cars.. most of that..

22 Worst memory in 5th year?
i've no idea.. mostly that was my happiest time compared to now..


aLoM said...

hehe..nice high school days you have....hehehe..owh yea..you can have dim sum girl..got penang girl liao.

ANGEL_LINA said...

Wanna challenge me in Black Jack? If you lose, I eat the best pau at your shop for free (for 1 week). If I lose, I help you wash the dishes for 1 day. Want? hehehe......

cacatkia™ said...

alom: I dont even know how dim dum girl looks like.. prefer my cacatmoi lah..hehe

cacatkia™ said...

angel_lina : i dont dare gamble with you lah.. how know you were like the 21 movie.. sure die.hehe