Thursday, September 4, 2008

Miri carshow on 30-8-08

I just remembered that I got some pics to post today.. I’ve got these pics from my friends who participate it on 30th August. It was really disappointed for me this car show as u can see on those pics coz there we’re no audience there. Even my club member at KL says this ain’t look like a car show. It looks more like a parking the car there only or a small gathering. I really feel lucky I didn’t join the car show. Well it was a bad weather that day and as I heard my friend said this was organized by an Optical shop. I personally think they just wanna earn some money as that was not related to promote their shop and who the hell wanna pay 50 bucks for entry fee just to park there for 4 hours? hahaha… one word for this “ FAIL “.. Anyway i just wanna congratulate to my friend who got 3rd for the audio category of the car show..

Kenari converted to Daihatsu MOVE with original SILK bodykits..

Kelisa fully converted to Daihatsu Coure rollin with 17".. i love those S&F!!

Even Bruneians also join the car show.. i know one of these got the champ..

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