Friday, January 9, 2009

What would YOU do for your friend ?

What would YOU do for your friend if he/she was upset, hurt, angry, or unhappy?I ask this because wanted to know how many of you know the answer to this question. If my friend was in some kind of emotional turmoil I probably would be at a loss as to what to do. The first thing I'd think of doing was giving them a hug. But usually hugs aren't sufficient enough.So...what are some thing you'd do for a friend who was suffering from any kind of emotional pain?


-pEi- said...

As for me, I think is lending them the shoulder and ear whenever they wanted.
Hug is a sign of care. Be with them and ready for them is definitely what they wish for even it is not a solution to their emotional but it might help to reduce it.
Friends sometimes never need to ask to do one thing but will be there for you anytime they want.
That is what I will do.

lasapka said...

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