Thursday, August 21, 2008

my VIP table

Many of these Kei cars had really creative interiors. The Daihatsu cabin you see here is pretty understated, but it is accurate for the VIP scene. Note the luxury cup holders on the door and dash. Every VIP van/sedan/kei car had these cup holders, so we're guessing that you'll need a set in your car if you want to do VIP style right. Add some champagne bottles if you want to be a true VIP baller.
Anyway, I've got mine already. ( 1st in Miri again..heh heh ) I ordered this from KL and the guy who sold me said it was suitable for kenari but when the item arrived, i just realise it wasn't for my car at all. Damn.. that guy should be honest but how know it's too late so i went to Sobo Accessories and find Sobo to help me solve the problem. He was busy so i sent it to Max Design ( ah xing ) to fix the problem. Sprayed and modified at last! ! it was awesome, i went back to Sobo there and finally fixed to my ride by Pingzzz.. thanks guys! !


added with blings..

Completed ! ! As u know, that FABULOUS sticker is originally from Japan. Sobo gave it to me. thanks bro!

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