Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my gosh ! ! !

One of our penang members got an accident last few weeks and i was shocked when he posted in the forum..

" Yalor damn sad until wht should say hai...

All tis happen on last Wednesday at North South Expressway from KL heading to Penang and happen before Tanjung Malim and i really dunno who and which bastard lorry drop a big stone on the 3rd line of the highway and luckily i onli drive 120KM/h othersvise i dun think u all can see me liao...Before i kena there's atleast 6cars already kena then after that another 4cars kena and mine is consider OK and as i know there's few car totally shut down and can't drive due to tangki and oil tank all crash...So guy pls remind that have to pay attention all time when driving exspecially ur front view before anything could be infront of you without your notice.Currently my car at workshop and luckily stil can be repair othersvise i think i have to drive in to S'pore without bumper... "

We should be more careful whenever we drive, just this month of july need to be more extra careful ( coz its Ghost Festival ) Sometimes this thing can't 'siam', we have to consider or other thing b4 we make decision, 'to siam' or 'not to siam'. if we 'siam' maybe we will bang other car, so the situation is in dilemma..haai.... Anyway, lucky he's not hurt.

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