Monday, February 2, 2009

Absence of a Lunatic...

There’s so many places
With such little time
Let me in your heart, love
I miss you, I cry.

Don’t leave me
Don’t abandon me
Don’t let me be stranded
I’m becoming
A victim of my own mind

Self mutilation
Self hatred
Pity, shame..
Don’t suppress me to these choices

I’m numb
I’m distant
You’re so far away
I’m breathless.. You’re gone
You’re too late

Saving me now
Saving me from myself
You didn’t make it…
My world is taken

Taken by evil
Taken by darkness..
The lunatic inside me
I’ve set him free

You’ll live on
I’ll still be with you
I still miss you
I still cry.

The emptiness is almost whole
The numbness almost felt.
You just didn’t love me enough…
To run through it all..

Your slain wrists
A product of my absence?
Do you cry now, love?
Do you still reminisce?

Does my absence bring tears to your eyes?
The absence of a lunatic…


ANGEL_LINA said...

Auw... Nice poem !

Anonymous said...

Cacat what happen? You in coma? No updating for so long! Your pau business too busy? How much you make daily? Business turmoil effect your business lately? I heard from a friend 2020 makes more than RM20,000 a day!!!! Is this true?